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We offer a large array of services to patients of all ages, from 0-100.  We treat injury and illness alongside yearly wellness exams.



First time visiting? We welcome all new patients, and strive to make it an experience that is convenient and enjoyable for you.

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3150 N Elm Suite 200 Greensboro, NC 27408

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

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We are seeing new and established patients via TeleHealth.

March 14, 2020

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As we all do our best to help slow down the rate of spread of the coronavirus we have some updates for the upcoming weeks.

Our visits in the next few weeks will mostly be “telehealth” visits. In light of the current pandemic Insurance companies have been relaxing face to face requirements for evaluating patients and ordering medications. This is an effort to support the recommendations that citizens work from home and maintain social distance. Even though our small practice has seemingly fewer patients through, your health and safety and that of our staff is our priority at this time.

Your visits will occur on video chat over your phone or computer. This allows you to stay in the comfort of your home. If there are some limited visits to the office when this occurs patients will be spaced out accordingly to maintain distancing.

This strategy of limiting face to face care will also help to conserve use of much needed medical supplies that are in shortage.

Our phone lines are always open as usual. We will continue to schedule appointments as usual and we are always here for any concerns you may have. We are still here for you just in a different capacity. We want to avoid going to the local Emergency Rooms so please call us first with any concerns or questions!

I cannot stress enough that we do not have testing available as we would hope and we know the virus cases are more than we have been able to capture due to the limited testing.

Please practice social distancing – maintain 6 feet if you must go out. But do your part to flatten the curve and stay home!

Restrict your own movement. Please avoid any gatherings or crowds or the gyms or in the back yard while everyone is home!

At this time if you do have to go to the office for work please stay home if you feel unwell.


Dr. Elizabeth Dewey

Dr. Dewey understands the importance of keeping your family healthy and happy. As an athlete and a mother of three children, she centers her practice with the emphasis of living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Dewey is committed to using evidence-based medicine in promoting health. She is an active Circle of Red member for the American Heart Association that brings awareness to promoting wellness and preventing heart disease.

To learn more about Dr. Dewey, click here.

Lee Presson

Physician Assistant

20 years as a NCCPA Board Certified Physician Assistant
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology–Emory University
Physician Assistant Program & Masters Degree in Health Sciences–Duke University
Physician Assistant Residency in General Surgery–Yale University
Federal DOT Medical Examiner
Member of North Carolina Medical Board Panel of Expert Reviewers
Licensed to practice in states of North Carolina and New York
Mother of two who enjoys endurance athletics, cooking, travel, and mission/community outreach work.
Fully supports Dr. Dewey’s Care Concepts. Mrs. Presson believes in a proactive approach to medical care combined with advocating for and educating patients about healthy lifestyle choices.
Committed to helping patients achieve good health through thoughtful treatment of mind, body and spirit.